Upcoming 2016 Soccer Season

It’s Soccer Time!

As many of you know, we are two weeks away from the start of our soccer season. All of our boys will be playing on February 9.  This is an exciting time and we are really looking forward to getting going, but there are some things that need to be addressed before the season gets completely underway.

Grades Are Important
We will be doing grade checks starting next Monday (Feb. 1).  As the returning soccer families know, we do weekly grade checks to assess the academic standing of our players. The soccer program’s rules are if a player has a “F” average in any class, he does not practice or play.  If a player has a “D” average in any class, he does not play.  If a teacher grades something and it raises the grade before a practice or game day, the student simply needs to let Coach Wolfe know before the end of the school day.

Coach Wolfe and Coach Johnson encourage students who are on the cusp of dropping into a poor average to go to tutorials BEFORE coming to practices.  We believe strongly in this grading principle and the returning players know that we are serious about this.  We have 57 total players on the three boy teams so we have the luxury of being strict about this policy.

Please encourage your student-athlete to take their academics seriously. We will help any and all of our players succeed on the field and in the classroom if we know they are serious about wanting to better themselves.  It starts with them though. If you have any questions or concerns, please email either coach.

It’s Time To Get The Gear
We will be handing out jerseys and gear this Saturday, January 30 (12:00 PM – 3:00 PM). We apologize for the late notice, but this will be one of the only Saturday sessions we will have this season. All of the spirit pack stuff they have yet to receive will be handed out that day as well (Nike sweatshirts, white shorts, track suits, etc.), as will a physical copy of the schedule and some other information from our team parents.  We will also have some food/drinks on hand, take some team pictures of the boys, and hopefully get two scrimmage games in on the stadium field.  This is weather permitting, but as of now it seems to be good to go.  We hope to see all of you there.

Practice Makes For A Good Game
We don’t have a practice schedule posted anywhere, but it runs from 3:30 to 5:30/5:45 Monday through Friday (Wednesdays end at 5:00).  There is a game schedule posted online on the MCPS Website.  This schedule is subject to change.

Team rosters are posted on our website as well. These are subject to change, but are more than likely how we will start the season. Some of the boys we haven’t seen play since last year and some have been at every conditioning, every practice, and every meeting we have held. Remember that some of the boys are on certain teams in order to receive more playing time. It makes more sense for them to play than to sit. We hope  this will work out well this season, but there will be opportunities for players to move up and down as the coaches see fit.

Parents Have A Part To Play
We have been working on a couple of electronic sign-ups that will allow parents to easily volunteer their time to help during home games.  All parents are expected to volunteer. We will be using Sign-up Genius for volunteers this season.  You will receive an email about how this process works that will contain a link to sign up.

All participating families are asked to work at least four regular season home games, per participating student (if you have two students playing, you need to sign up for at least 8 slots, etc.) as well as the Montgomery Catholic Rising Stars Tournament in April (there will be a separate Signup for the tournament). Slots are available on a ‘first come, first dibs” basis. Open slots will be filled/assigned from our Girls and Boys roster after February 8.

It’s Important To Stay In Touch
We will again be using the REMIND text alert system to keep you advised about changes to games/practices and other important, last-minute information.  You will see an e-mail about this system and how to sign up for it in the very near future.

Expect The Unexpected
Coach Wolfe’s wife is due to have their first child in March. When that happens, there may be some disorganization for a bit. He will try and be as involved as possible, but please be understanding/considerate of his time with her and their new child. Coach Jens Johnson, Coach Joe Pears, and Coach Tyler Rosser have all agreed to help coach some of the practices/games while he is out. He hopes there won’t be many absences, but you never know. For those of you that are the praying type, he will take all of the prayers you will send his way.

Thank you for all that you do for your sons, daughters, and for the Montgomery Catholic family.  We are looking forward to an absolutely wonderful season.