ALL PLAYERS: Fundraising Starts In Two Weeks!

Fundraising season is approaching.

The entire MCPS program-boys and girls combined-will raise funds between Monday, February 15th, and Monday, February 25th. Next Wednesday, February 10th, Coach Tyler Rosser will be hosting a meeting to go over our vision for fundraising, as well as the practical side. The meeting will be from 3:30-4:15 PM in room 11 at the high school and parents are encouraged to attend if possible.

Selling popcorn will be one of the aspects of our fundraiser this year.  We are very thankful that Coach Rosser’s wife, Dene’, has volunteered to create a personalized newsletter for each team member to give to potential donors of our program.

The newsletter will include a team picture, our mission/vision/and cultural virtues, as well as an individual player picture and spotlight. The purpose for this is to encourage potential donors to not just buy something, but truly understand what they are supporting and why.

Coach Rosser’s dad, Jeff Rosser, has generously volunteered to take a team picture and individual pictures to include on the newsletter and we will do that sometime the week of February 8th, either Wednesday after our fundraising meeting or the day after.

More information and instructions will come soon.