MCPS Soccer’s Policy on Eligibility to Play

The soccer program at Montgomery Catholic emphasizes grades over athletics.  We believe that students and academics come first and that athletics come second and the coaches of each soccer team have agreed that grades should be the primary concern of our student-athletes.

Our eligible-to-play policy is as follows:

If a student-athlete has an “F” average in any class, he or she will not play or practice.

If a student-athlete has a “D” average in any class, a second review will be made to check his or her GPA for the quarter. If the student-athlete’s GPA for the quarter is 2.5 or higher, then he or she will be eligible to play. If the student-athlete has a GPA for the quarter lower than a 2.5, then he or she will not be eligible to play. He or she will, however, still be allowed to practice.

Student-athletes ineligible to play are still required to be present at any home game to support their team.

We maintain a high academic standard, but this policy allows some “wiggle room” for students who have a poor average due to zeroes for absences, a bad test grade, or some other combination of grading mishaps. This policy does not punish students for poor grades in previous semesters, as we only look at the GPA for this quarter. Our intention is to reward students for working hard academically, but understand that sometimes we have slip-ups.

Since Montgomery Catholic has a total of seven classes per quarter, the total amount of points a student needs to be academically eligible is 17.5 which calculates to a GPA of 2.5. (17.5 total points divided by 7 classes equals 2.5)

The point system used to calculate GPA is as follows:

Class Type A Average B Average C Average D Average
Regular Classes 4.0 points 3.0 points 2.0 points 1.0 point
Honors Classes 4.5 points 3.5 points 2.5 points 1.0 point
AP Classes 5.0 points 4.0 points 3.0 points 1.0 point

Q: What if my student-athlete has seven “C’s”? Can he or she still play?
A: Yes. The first academic check is for a “D” average, if there are no “D” averages, we do not look at the GPA requirement.

Q: What if we have a different requirement for our student-athlete, say he or she must have all “A’s” and “B’s”, will you continue to hold up our agreement and not allow that student-athlete to play?
A: Yes. You are the parents and guardians of your student-athletes. If you have a stricter grading policy, we welcome that policy and will support it.

Q: My student-athlete is not strong academically and I am worried that this is setting them up for failure. I am not opposed to the academic rigor, but will you work with my student-athlete to set up a plan for them to succeed both in the classroom and on the field?
A: Yes. We understand that all students are individuals. We are rewarding effort and character and if there is consistent, improved effort and strong character, that is what is important. However, the academic policy will remain in place for all Varsity student-athletes. All Junior Varsity and Junior High student-athletes will be held to the same standard, but for those who are truly struggling academically, the coaches are willing to meet with the student-athlete and the parents/guardians to come up with a plan for success.

Q: When will we know who is on the rosters?
A: Each Sunday, coaches will send out the rosters for the upcoming week’s games.

Q: What happens if my student-athlete brings their grades up during the week, will they be able to play?
A: Yes. However, the coaches will not check grades every day to see if student-athletes have improved academically. That will be the responsibility of the student-athlete. If a grade has improved, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete to notify the coach with proof of the changes and then (at the coach’s discretion) may be added to the roster for that week’s games.

Thank you for supporting us as we mold students of Faith, Virtue and Wisdom. Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns.