VB and JVB Both Win Big, Tuesday, April 5

The JVB and VB teams both won their games at Eufaula last night.  And they weren’t even close!

The JV Boys brought their A-Game to the Eufaula Tigers and took them down 7-2.  Scoring for the Knights were Tanner Carter, Will Couey, Jacob Flowers, Nico Gacha, Zack Pappanastos, Clayton Peeler, and Chad Waite.  Player of the Game was Jacob Flowers.

The Varsity Boys won their conference game in a 4-0 shutout.  Goals were made by Ethan Ronan (2), Rhys Holifield, and Braxton Rogers.  Assists were made by Josh Koch (2), Tate Holifield, and Braxton Rogers.  Player of the Game was Cameron Searcy.

Way to go Knights!